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ACE Carpet & Upholstery Care has developed a sterling reputation of outstanding service. Our clients continue to call us for their carpet, upholstery, area rug, and tile floor cleaning needs because they value the quality work that we provide, as well as the reliability and consistency desired by today’s discriminating consumers. ACE stands wholeheartedly behind our work with our customers' complete satisfaction in mind.

Superior Cleaning Method

Preinspection: ACE always conducts a thorough preinspection. Our technicians will walk through with the client to learn about the carpet needs and to explain how we approach the cleaning process. It is important to us that the client be well informed about what will take place in the cleaning process and what results we will most likely achieve.

Vacuum & Preconditioning: ACE will vacuum and precondition the areas to be cleaned, particularly the most heavily soiled areas. This process uses a cleaning solution that breaks down soils and prepares the areas for the rinsing process. During this time, our technicians will use the necessary tools and cleaning solutions in order to treat any problem areas.

Rinsing Process: ACE proudly uses Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. This is the very best in hot water extraction, which is strongly recommended by carpet and fabric manufacturers. During this process, we extract the soil and use the appropriate cleaning solutions for your specific needs. 

Scotchgard™ Protection: This process is applied after the cleaning is done and before the carpet is groomed. All carpet manufactured today has a florachemical (Teflon-based protector) built into its material. The industry knows the carpets hold up much longer and are easier to spot clean when spills occur with this product intact. However, when the carpet sees a lot of wear, this protectant covering loses effectiveness and needs to be reapplied. The carpet manufacturers recommend that customers have their carpets protected by professional carpet cleaning technicians after each cleaning. Please ask your technician for a demonstration of how well this Protector works!

Grooming the carpet:    This final step restores the nap of the carpet.

Cleaning Solutions: ACE uses cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to be ecologically compatible and will not leave a chemical residue in your fabrics or carpet. Knowledge of what kinds of solutions to use, and how to properly use them, is essential in achieving the best possible results. 

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