WHO SAID, "All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them" ?

See below for the answer!

Is Shag Back?

Alright, some of you admit it -- you had the bean bag chair and the shag carpet! That's right, you were groovy in the 70's. 

So, is shag carpeting the latest comeback? Some dealers say it's the hottest selling carpeting right now. The good news is that today's technology allows for a much higher quality crafted carpet compared to the shag of the 70's. These newer shags are much tighter twisted, and made from advance nylons that weren't available in the 70's! So maybe it's time to unpack your lava lamp and check out the beautiful new shag carpet styles!

Trivia answer:   Erma Bombeck


It's nice to know that many carpet manufacturers are reducing waste by reusing and recycling raw materials, packaging materials and by-products.

These manufacturers are selling waste carpet trimmings, backing, and yarn to recycling plants. This waste is then processed into items such as carpet cushion, furniture battings and cushions, reinforcing filler for concrete-- even automotive parts.

Other materials used in the manufacturing process, such as cardboard, paper, aluminum, wooden pallets, yarn cones, roll cores, liquid containers, raw material packaging, and scrap metal are either reused or recycled.

Many carpet mills today also  help conserve water, electricity, and other fuels. As an example, new developments in dyeing techniques require less water!

ACE Carpet & Upholstery Care is proud to have been one of several businesses that volunteered their time to clean the Ronald McDonald House in June. The Denver Ronald McDonald House offers families with a seriously ill or injured child a place to rest. These families have enough to think about without worrying about the high cost of hotel rooms and long commutes back and forth to the hospital. As you can imagine, this is a very stressful time for these families and all of the wonderful volunteers at the Denver Ronald McDonald House make sure all of their needs are met. These families find much love and support here at their "home away from home". To learn more or to donate to the "The House That Love Built" visit:

Leather Furniture Care

Often leather furniture will have a tag on it that identifies the type of leather and the recommended care. Here are a few general tips to care for your leather furniture:

Do not expose the leather to direct sunlight.

It's recommended to dust leather frequently. Leather can be very porous, so this will help eliminate the clogging of pores. DO NOT use any cleaning product on your leather without consulting a professional. 

For spots and spills, wipe any excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Do not use soap, or soak the stain heavily with water... this may cause more damage than the stain itself.  It's also a good idea to regularly vacuum in crevices.


Breathe the Clean

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